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The wind in autumn brings us harvest and happiness.


After the rising of the morning sun in autumn with a little shyness, there is a great deal of sunshine.


The autumn wind of October blows the earth, and the vast field is golden.


Autumn is coming. Let's put a memory of the past summer.


A leaf falling and deep autumn, autumn wind autumn rain melancholy.


Autumn is like a shy little girl, red tinged with maple leaves.


Life is like autumn. When we harvest fruits, we lose our flowers and leaves.


Who has no wind in the autumn yard, where there is no rain in the autumn window?


Miss not heavy, like a whole autumn leaves.


Autumn is beautiful, dancing her skirt in the graceful rhythm.


Golden leaves, like a beautiful butterfly flying in the air.


In the golden autumn, the maple forest is red, like a sea of fire.


Let the past years burn to ashes and sprinkle in the autumn breeze.


Autumn is like a golden picture, full of harvest.


Autumn is like a song, composing the immortality of life.

From then on, the wine of autumn wind gradually entered into the late autumn.


Half wind and rain, half body injury, half parting, half heart cooling.


Why the four seasons, only the alternate summer and autumn with a little sad.


Wind, gently, gently blowing, is the beautiful autumn girl Shanshan.


One leaf one knows autumn, one life one life predestination, the past dust already scattered, why to persist.


Like the cool autumn, but also afraid of the desolation of autumn leaves.


Autumn is good, if you are around.


The autumn wind sends the acacia, you may feel, my thought, never breaks.


Autumn is like a fishing boat returning late, full of happy smiles.


Autumn leaves are falling. Autumn night, drunk.


Autumn girl with a brush, brush everywhere, dress up the earth.


It's all caused by the autumn wind, and it's all caused by the quiet night.


When autumn comes again, I am accompanied by a lonely.


Autumn leaves like a piece of yellow carpet, soft and soft, spread all over the earth.


A drop of autumn rain fell on my cold face, and my heart was cold.


Walking in the field, the wheat in the autumn wind rises and falls like the waves.


In autumn, there is a scarlet sun, and the light is full of deep sadness.


In the golden autumn, the earth is golden, and all things have changed their faces.


〖One〗、Autumn is quiet, in this season you can calm down to taste the life of each section.


〖Two〗、Autumn, in a tense after harvest, suddenly everything faded, boundless land pale yellow bare.


〖Three〗、The autumn wind, cool breeze, flowers and trees, like a loving mother is humming a lullaby to put their children into the sweet dreams.


〖Four〗、The warm autumn sun quiet, gentle warm autumn wind of Dong Xiang, melodious elegant blue sky and white clouds.


〖Five〗、The autumn wind blows, cenglinjinran, golden; sun, walking in the jungle, there is a different kind of taste.


〖Six〗、The golden autumn, the sky like a piece of earth sapphire, it has been autumn wipe very clean and beautiful.


〖Seven〗、Relative to the last spring, summer and winter glitz, silence, autumn is a hole that has yet to hang the fickleness of the world, already middle-aged and old male wei.


〖Eight〗、In autumn, most flowers have lost their former glory, the petals have fallen, and the variety of chrysanthemum is in the limelight, decorate the city, beautify the environment.


〖Nine〗、The arrival of autumn, so that fruit trees mature. Look, they're laughing apple red, like in autumn aunt let them mature thanks.


〖Ten〗、Autumn, you are more prosperous than the spring scene, you are more colorful than the spring of the spring.




Autumn is mature it is not so shy the spring and summer is so open, so to ing, the fruit is ripe. The pears, red apple, sparkling grape.


The gorgeous autumn light, cool breeze, such as the torch raised sorghum, soybeans endless ringing bells.


The autumn b, an independent cold autumn taste.


Autumn, the harvest season, the golden season with the same as the spring of the same spring, as warm as summer, as charming as winter.


The ing, the fruit is ripe. The pears, red is apple, sparkling grape. A cool breeze blo of rapeseed.


Breeze cleanse your heart, your heart sound Teana slide. A pool of water, a string string and wind music sounds, you know, you should go to see the autumn.


The beauty of autumn is ripe. It is not so shy the spring, summer is so open, so to winter.


High autumn day, as if heaven and the earth pangu also; days as blue, as if there afar, the ing, chrysanthemum opened. There are red, yelloe on! Flying into my textbook, looking like a flame in rolling.


Autumn, leaves a piece of falling, the vie Hui, sitting in the autumn day high light cloud ridge near the tree birds, US, a distant sound symphony rises in your heart.


Into the field, as in the golden sea. In the sun, shining, shining, and the earth is integrated, everywhere is golden.


I do not know when, you gently fall on my bright red sweater, you put me as a flower, too?


In the rice field, a piece of yellow rice with the wind turned Jin Bo, green garden, fat and tender leaves sparkle sparkling dew.


The wind, gently, gently blowing, is a beautiful autumn girl came.




an in a white blouse ocean, cut very tight and narrow, revealing a pair of trousers under Jane wear white shoes feet, face with a thin layer of powder.


looking like a small butterfly, beautiful body, and soft color.


The yellow shirt embroidered with elegant orchid Yunyan, meandering yellow butterfly shaped cloud pattern of ancient mopping thousands of water mist skirts, hand Bi Xialuo peony yarn. Cloud wearing a lofty, hollow orchid bead Chai, charming face such as eyes, charming and attractive, tantalizing.


Big peony green smoke yarn Bixia Luo, pink narcissus flower green skirt meandering mopping the floor, wearing a gold thin smoke green yarn. Hair drooping Xiecha inlaid pearl jade hairpin, Huarongyuemao.


Red rose tight sleeveless robe robe, under the cover of green smoke flower skirt waist with gold yarn, soft smoke Luo tie into a big bow, hair drooping Xiecha jade Zan Feng Chai, the slender Red Hook demon demon soul.



Love is ever lasting. The aspect may change, but not the essence.


I only love to lose your temper, because I subconsciously that you eone is to be sitting right beside them knoething.


orroe people are doomed to eone eones life when the episode.


How I wish, there is such a man to fight the life of love me.



I am a reinforcement of the temper, good get, do not hit the south the stool, a pressure then on, I never spoke to anyone, he let them all in silence to study hard.


My aunt aletimes, he also helps me to tidy up the room, tidy up things for me.


The sound of gunfire, te face, high nose, like a radish like. The man e outstanding features, perfect face, especially the left ear flashing dazzling bright diamond earrings, to his handsome join sunshine.


There are t time to time drops rolled in, also sho small to large, he is never give up and never give up.



A medium father looks thin and long, e up e the physical defects, and finally admitted to the university.


She, a time to time, the children on the kindergarten to wear glasses, really like a little adult.


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